7 tips to hold your frustration in a traffic jam

7 tips to hold your frustration in a traffic jam

Snarling on your luck, banging your fists on the steering wheel, and muttering words that you cannot say are good, is that you?

A traffic jam holdup is definitely frustrating. Everyone is running on time, and being late to the office is not an option. The helplessness is frustrating, and the crowd of cars standing aground (yours including) never seems to move.

Road rages are not good either. Check out the five following vital tips on surviving a lengthy traffic jam without a mental breakdown. Here are 7 tips to hold your frustration in a traffic jam –

1. The most serious situations:

Of course, there may be situations far more critical than just getting to the office on time. Traffic jams can block ambulances and fire engines as well! Lives depend on resuming the flow of traffic ASAP! You need to take some precautions in avoiding the traffic jam in the first place. You have the GPS and experience. Avoid the roads that choke up. However, you must be able to administer immediate attendance to the patient in the ambulance in case you are inside a jam. Call the hospital or the doctor in charge.

 Full-facility ambulances have all features such as the oxygen and the tranquilizer. Do remember to try your best in helping the patient to survive the ordeal. Get that hooter on too. Let the traffic operator know someone’s life is waiting in an ambulance. In case, you are carrying a patient in the backseat of your regular car, just do what you need to do best in life and death situations. In such extremes, always remember to choose the right road in the beginning.

2. Realize your helplessness:

There is nothing much that you can do in a traffic blockade. It is easy to frustrate yourself, but is it of any help? Instead, take to mind that this too shall pass. Relax yourself with the understanding that patience is the key to avoid any frustration.


3. Maintain discreet privacy:

A neat tip is to keep a pair of good sunglasses in your glove compartment. Many people have a curious habit of peeking into adjacent cars while being stuck. Nothing irritates more than a burly stranger trying to guess everything about you in the few moments allowed by fate to stand side by side in a traffic jam. You can pull over the window glass if it prevents them from seeing inside or use a newspaper or a cloth to block it off. Otherwise, just wear your sunglasses and look straight. The jam will pass. 


4. Decide on the engine running:

You can switch on the ignition with the press of a button. Keeping the car engine running is no way to vent your frustration if you can keep it in a pause easily. Besides, it is also a big wastage of fuel. If the traffic hasn’t moved on for a bit, it’s perhaps a good idea to turn the engine off. If it is hot and humid, you will need to think of a trade-off between the comfort and fuel levels. However, for short jams, it is best to keep the engine running.

5. There is always music:

There are so many ways you can chill out the traffic jam with music that it does not make sense not to relax. Tune the car radio to the different bandwidths, and you may catch up a good old song. Let your fingers keep the tune on the steering wheel instead of banging your clenched fists.


6. Phone a friend:

Give your friends and family a shout at this time. You’re really not doing much of a math, nor are you inclined to do so. The best time perhaps is to call up a certain someone. A nice idea is to call those who you haven’t been in touch for long. This way will get you the advantage of a long chat along with a chance to make conversations from what you see around you. A long chat with an old friend can certainly bring back the amiability that was perhaps lost due to a long gap.

7. Play a game on your Mobile Phone:

Temple run or Hill Climb Racing or even mouse trap! These are the addictive games that’ve gotten a lot of people through worst of traffic jams. A good game can easily take out 20-30 mins of your non-stop attention. This literally translates into shortening that treacherous jam by the same time! The longer you can play without getting bored, the faster you’re getting out of the jam.

There you are. The block is beginning to move. Switch on the ignition, and get moving with your life. A traffic jam is never for forever! Just hold on, stay sane, and make the best of the break to relax. In fact, a frustrated driver can make accidents or invite trouble by skipping signals.




Written by Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary