7 Ways Technology Has Added To Our Daily Annoyances

7 Ways Technology Has Added To Our Daily Annoyances

Don’t we all at times miss those good old days when the only medium of communication were those land line telephones. It was a relief to be away from the constant buzzing and ringing, that we have all around us now. Not just that, we seemed to have a lot more time for “real life” back then, while now we spend more time living and maintaining our “virtual life”. Here are 7 ways technology has added to our daily annoyances.

1. Reduced Privacy:



With all your information about you floating around on the internet, at times people get access to some information which you would not want others to know. It only takes a minute to slander someone’s image over internet, having access to the right kind of information. This can create unwanted nuisance in life and add to annoyance in multiple folds.

2.Gossip Grapevine:


Statements and comments travel faster than speed of light now a days. With people being so well connected over the internet through their gadgets, it’s almost impossible to not keep in touch with everyone you know. This leads to being a part of different social groups. People chat and gossip and all so called connectivity just makes it easier for gossip to spread and add to the miseries of our already miserable lives.

3. Loss of Freedom:


It is a good idea to keep the near and dear ones informed about our whereabouts. But “keeping informed” does not mean it has to be about every little thing that happens to you. People start expecting minute to minute information about your daily happenings. This leads to the unwanted loss of personal freedom, leaving us feeling caged, although living independently.

4. No Work Hours:


The real reason why these big organizations provide laptops to their employees is to take away the excuse why they cannot work when they are home or travelling. Now a days there is absolutely no concept of work hours, people are working round the clock, except when they are sleeping. It doesn’t only hamper you as an individual but also adversely affects others around you, leading to unwanted conflicts and annoyance.

5. Unwanted Expenditure:


People can barely resist updating their gadgets if they can. Actually even if they can’t, they save for it. The phone that could work perfectly fine for another year is replaced simply because there is a new phone in the market. It is not a need but a want. What this does is, it just adds to our expenses. Thousands of rupees are wasted on gadgets we probably don’t even need.

6. Couch Potatoes for Kids:


With play-stations, TV and tablets around at home, the kids just don’t want to leave the house ever. Playing outside in the open has now been reduced to playing on the play station. It is not only bad for their health but leaves the parents helpless and irritated.

7. Insomnia Plague:


24*7 access to the internet through various gadgets makes us lose track of time leading to late night movie marathons or late night chat sessions with friends or working late hours. This takes a huge toll on our health though the after affects take time to show, often making us vulnerable to various sleep disorders.



Written by Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary