8 Things that Inadvertently make People feel Smarter about Themselves

8 Things that Inadvertently make People feel Smarter about Themselves

Some traits in people unintentionally make them feel smarter than the rest of the people around. A list of eight such things are pinned here in no specific order –

1. Foremost! The fashion quotient- I know many people who can’t walk, talk, eat, drink with confidence when they know they’re looking average or under-dressed. But on the other hand, if you know you’re looking good, you’ll look, walk, talk, laugh to bring the place down. You feel smart and significant. The last booster is ignited when you begin receiving pleasant comments about the way you look, and you’re now in a league of your own.  Furthermore, nothing can make you feel anything lesser than the ‘personality of the hour’ at this moment. Get a bunch of such moments under your belt over time, and your personality starts to bloom. Or atleast, you begin to feel the blossom! Off the records – who do you think would feel smarter among the two? A bunch of police constables walking around with sticks or a couple of soldiers from the Indian Army with M16s and Kevlar?

Honestly, If this wasn’t Johnny Depp, he’d have nothing to make himself feel smart ‘coz he’s got the word ‘noob’ written all over his face.

2. Keeping silent in a bunch of hyperactive individuals – Feels like ‘Smart’ don’t it? Every mouth around you is spilling desultory and foolish quotes. There is constant blabbering, and pointless ranting everywhere, sand castles in the air are being built and you know none of them mean a thing. Night’s gone, conversation is gone. You feel smart and wise knowing you haven’t spoken a word. It’s boosting your self-confidence and then the feather in the cap – you are consulted. Again, you give off a wry smile and a condescending sigh invariably quoting you’re above the discussion. If you even call it a discussion that is.

I feel like ‘this’ among ‘them’.

3. Mr. One liners in everything  – We’ll literally find many individuals with this trait. Silent types, only opening their mouths to speak an occasional sentence or two, which would bring their point across, often sporting a condescending frown with hands folded across their chests. There is no doubt that such people always feel smart in everything they have to say or do. Have you ever noticed people sending across messages with just a ‘K‘ as a reply? Yeah, they will even spend Rs 1.50 for just a ‘k‘ as a reply sometimes followed by a fullstop! Other times they may not acknowledge at all. Every sentence they write as texts will be highly punctuated. They’d write as they’d talk. They feel smart when they do so. I don’t know if this is what we term as ‘attitude’ in Indian slang, but definitely means He or She is the tough and silent types -tough with the communications I mean!


4. Amateur break-dancer with smooth moves – This one’s straight out of my experience with a couple of friends I once hung out with. You are at a party. The party is in full flow with men and women going mad shakin’ booty on the dance floor. After a few drinks you suddenly realize the Michael Jackson in you is urging to get out, and you break your shackles of spot dancing with your partner to go solo. Suddenly all eyes are on you and you’re going so smooth that you start to attract other fellow dancers trying to show their skills. The party for that moment is suddenly a talent show with loud cheers and hoots. And before you’re done with the moves, you’re already feeling like a celebrity! Feels smart to many of us don’t it? What follows next are intriguing stares and subtle eye-contacts with the opposite sex and you know you’re gonna be busy the following day. At least my friend was.

Bet this guy feels smart. Why? He's gotten himself a talent show running!

Bet this guy feels smart. Why? He’s gotten himself a talent show running with a couple of ladies in the background finding him irresistible!

5. Acceptance of your view or opinion over many others – Ever been questioned during a seminar or a presentation with lots of people at the table? Many hands go up but the answers are just too ordinary. Whatever is going on in your head also feels as ordinary as anyone else, and with some effort you get vocal, and to your surprise, your opinion or answer unintentionally comes out to be the most accepted one! When you sit back in your chair with the heat sinking into your spine about what just happened, you exchange brief looks of appreciation with a few impressed souls in your vicinity. The event was small and insignificant, but the flushing feeling of recognition instantly makes you feel smart about your ownself.

 An event may be small and insignificant, but the flushing feeling of recognition instantly makes you feel smart about your ownself.

6. Mr or (more often) Miss Sarcastic – First sentence out of their mouths is intended to pull your leg or to belittle you. Next comment they pass is about the conversation, followed by another conclusive sarcastic statement. Some feel offended, some find it a turn on and some have no verbal come backs. Sarcasm replied by sarcasm is often humor, but we rarely get to see such instances. Regardless of how the other feels when subjected to acrimony, the speaker is always basking in a condescending glory. And when the sarcasm finds no come back, or when it has done its job, Mr or Miss Sarcastic begin to feel smart about themselves. To be honest, there is nothing bad in sarcasm. It’s really subjective and depends how others take it. You may feel offended, but there is no doubt that sarcastic people have the psychological upper edge over many others.

House M.D, a fictional character from a popular TV series highlights sarcasm in both shade and light.

7. Gathered geeks and science freaks – Almost everyone can speak about current affairs in a conversation or discussion about general topics during general hang outs. Everyone has so much to say about everything else. Enter – the Science freak. These guys (or girls) can talk on general topics just as well as everyone else is talking, but they know, that they know things that many others don’t know. Often than not, conversations go deeper into ‘how it happens, why it happens’ and that’s their bastion! They’ll know it much better than everyone else around, and sooner before you realize, their talking and everyone’s listening. Everyone’s listening because they’re learning something they don’t know about. ‘+1’ direct reason to feel smarter than everybody else. Once a person quoted in a general discussion we were having over a cheeseburger –  “if you know your science, you feel a whole lot smarter”. Turns out, he was my mathematics professor during college.

‘I know Physics better than you do, and I am lookin’ pretty neat too’. Bet he felt smarter than  an average man!

8. Being outspoken when you know you’re the best at a given situation – A very obvious scenario to feel like God of the hour. Don’t really have reasons as to why one wouldn’t feel smart about themselves in such situations.  However, it often doesn’t take more than a few seconds to fall from grace. The more you talk, the lesser you have to talk further. At one point of time, your cauldron of speech is empty and everything that’s coming out from your mouth is hogwash in an attempt to maintain the limelight. Strong suggestion – be humble at this point to look smart and feel smarter!

OK, I know I have to talk, but what!?



By –
Aru Raghuvanshi

Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi