9 Annoying habits of fellow travellers

9 Annoying habits of fellow travellers

You meet all kinds of people while travelling but some of them can’t help but get on your nerves. Here are some of the most annoying habits of fellow travelers.

1. Magazine stealers:

A4_magazine_pickers (1)

Some people do not believe in the common courtesy of asking for permission to take magazine or newspaper from fellow passengers. While some people may not mind this but it can irritate most people. Why can’t people just ask once before picking up something that doesn’t belong to them?

2. Little devils


There is a very thin line between being cute and being annoying. While kids can add to our delight during travelling, some kids just increase your blood pressure. What makes it worse, are the unconcerned parents, who simply ignore the fact that their little one might be causing a ruckus for others.

3. Leftover collectors

airplane cut

We all have traveled with people who believe in taking it all home, be it left over ketchup sachets or salt or pepper or sugar or coffee kits or even the plastic cutlery one gets on flights! Well, doing it while no one is watching is alright but do not over do it and get noticed, it may impact your image negatively.



4. Using Speakers instead of Earphones


There are some who love to watch movies on their laptops without earphones, even when they are travelling. It is so annoying to be around such travelers, they are a constant distraction for everyone. Such habit only leaves the fellow passengers filled with irritation.


5. Phone peepers


Have you ever experienced that each time you are typing or reading on your phone, the person sitting next to you is looking into your phone? Could it get any more annoying? Guess not. Why can’t people just mind their own business? They will keep peeping in other’s phone, making him or her uncomfortable and finally getting off the phone.

6. Sudden seat recliners


Often on flights there are passengers seated in front of you, who just recline back their seats, without notice. We know it’s their seat but could they be a little considerate about the one seated behind them. Such sudden movement could in fact hurt someone too. Please be a bit more cautious.

7. Uncontrolled legs


The constant leg hits from the passenger sitting behind you can make you build all sorts of images about him. Hitting once or twice is alright, as usually there is less leg space in flights, but constant hitting and pushing can leave the fellow passengers frustrated and angry.

8. Springy heads


While sleeping, we cannot really control our body movements, but we must be careful enough to not become complete trouble maker for the person sitting next to you. Often sleeping while sitting makes our head dangle left and right. This is total put off for the person sitting next to you.

9.Photography addicts


Some people love to capture every moment while travelling. While doing so they often don’t realize that they maybe invading other passenger’s space. It’s alright to click pictures as long as it’s not disturbing others. Be cautious.

10. Queue jumpers


More than often we come across queue jumpers, who simply make us feel like fools standing in a queue. They must be stopped from doing so at once. After all it’s never too late to learn some manners.

11. Chatterboxes

aspergers and excessive talking

Some people love to talk non-stop. Fellow passengers fall victim to such travelers more than often, leaving themselves agonized with such torture. Please know when to stop. Not everyone enjoys listening to you all the time.



12. Multi-course meal eaters

Back CameraSome people like to have the most lavish multi-course meal even when they are travelling. They do not believe in sacrificing their taste buds for even one meal. You will find that their home cooked meal will have an elaborate range of dal, sabzi, roti, rice, salad, papad, curd, pickle, etc. Although it’s just food but at times such a lavish spread can cause a great deal of annoyance to fellow passengers. Keep your meals short and simple people.


Written by Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary