9 Tips for Good Decision Making

9 Tips for Good Decision Making

  1. Importance of ‘I’ –
    Often while facing a stressful situation, we tend to lose our real selves. We begin to be someone we really are not. STOP. Is there a huge disparity between the old you and the present you? In order to do that, get back in touch with things that you used to do that made you happy, devote more time to your hobbies or hanging out more with your friends or taking a break from the present setting or anything that will connect you to the real you. Following are the 9 ways for good decision making –


  1. Do not neglect “them” –
    Your life decisions may ultimately only affect you but your present is constituted by “them” and you. By “them” I mean the people that influence your life, your spouse, your parents, your very close friends, etc. Do not reject them simply because of the “it’s my life” attitude. So, make them aware about your situation, listen to what they have to say, discuss your thoughts and give them reasons for why you think so. Make them a part of your decision making process.


  1. Do not compare –
    One of the biggest mistakes we often do is we compare our situations to others or we compare us with others. Do not do that. No one can be you and you cannot be someone else. Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. Do not affect your decision making process by thinking about others. Your life and your problems are unique to you. Listen to others but solve your problems with yourself in mind and not others.


  1. Be more practical than ‘positive’ –
    Positivity is a good thing to have but only when things are not in your hands. You have to start thinking practically. Try to keep aside the emotions as much as you can and then weigh the situation that you are in. Emotions often make you think positively but that will get you nowhere.


  1. Accept the reality –
    The biggest reality of “present” is our “past”. Good or bad or ugly, however it may have been, our past has driven us to the situation that we are in right now. Do not waste time in regretting, it will get you nowhere. Accepting your past decisions will lead your future choices.


  1. List the possibilities –
    To every problem there can only be a few ultimate outcomes, or the ultimate results. Write them all down. Your decision should depend only on the outcome you wish for.


  1. Profit and loss analysis –
    Like the business, our lives too run on profit and loss basis. Once you have your possibilities categorize each possibility on the basis of profit and loss. How much will you gain or lose if you ultimately reach any one of those outcomes. Be selfish here. Think only about YOU and no one else. So, be selfish for a bit and think about how much profit or lose from a particular outcome.


  1. Let your subconscious guide –
    Subconscious or what we call our gut feeling is never wrong. You may be pondering upon the various options you have while making a decision but more than often our subconscious makes the decision long before we realize it. Therefore, never neglect what your gut feeling tells you because it is the most honest opinion you can ever hope for.


  1. Do not sacrifice –
    We often confuse compromise with sacrifice. While compromise makes things and situations better, sacrifice may make things better for a while but it leaves us with a deep sense of resentment that calls for bigger problems in the future. Balance out the situation. There is always a middle path to take but do not sacrifice, always compromise.

There is no sure shot formula to make the correct decision but keeping in mind the above points can help you get a much better perspective of the situation you are in and make you weigh your options in a more realistic way.


Neha Chaudhary
The Pink Matter Matters


Written by Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary