Animals with Strongest Bites

Animals with Strongest Bites

Here’s our list of Animals with Strongest bite forces recorded by the National Geographic crew.

Starting from the weakest in this list, we will ascend in order of bite strength.

Domestic Cat


The small cat family registered a bite force of 60 pounds per square inch or psi. Owing to the small size and small jaws sizes of the domestic cats, their bite forces are less than half of that of a human being. A dogs snap at the spinal cord of a cat is enough to sever all linkages and induce instant paralysis. Most female cats lack the strength to crack large poultry bones.

Human Being


The recorded molar bite force of a healthy male is 150 psi. Human jaw is not a very strong one, and can barely crack bones of small poultry and small fish. The incisors pack an 83 psi of bite force. In human females, the molar bite force was recorded at 108 psi and the incisors at 57 psi. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the jaw, stronger the bite force.



The Rottweiler has the largest bite force in the canid family, recorded at 328 psi. German Shepherd and the American Pitbull came second and third with bite forces of 238 and 235 psi respectively. The Rottweiler’s bite is a lot stronger than the second strongest biter in the Dog family. This kind of bite is strong enough to break one of the smaller human bones.



Surprisingly the Lion has the weakest bite force of all the large cat family. The average was recorded at 600 psi. Large enough to still be twice as strong as the strongest dog bite and strong enough to crush human bones to powder.



At 1050 psi, the Tiger is still not the strongest biter among the Felids (cat family). But a tiger’s bite is almost twice as more powerful than a Lions. The Tiger’s bite is so strong that it uses its bite to break the neck of its prey from the back instead of grabbing the throat at the windpipe like the other large cats do. That scores it an instant kill on a successful connect with its prey as opposed to the other large cats that have to wait until their prey asphyxiates to death.

Spotted Hyena


The Hyena is often suspected to be from the Dog family. This is untrue. The Hyena has its own family called the Hyaenidae and has no genetic resemblance to dogs. The Hyenas are scavengers known for their formidable bite force measured at a bone crushing 1100 psi. Such a force is strong enough to crush the largest of Zebra and Buffalo bones to powder.

Grizzly Bear


The infamous Grizzly Bear of the Americas has a bite force of 1200 psi and is known to attack humans frequently. There are frequent human deaths by the Grizzly bear in America and Canada. The few survivors usually have a gruesome story to tell and many have been mauled horribly with severely deformed faces. The omnivorous Grizzly bear has a strong jaw to crush bones of carcasses it scavenges on.



Not to be surprised by their vegetarian nature, the Gorillas need strong jaws to chew off Bamboo shoots. The bite force of the Gorilla was recorded at 1300 psi. They prefer ground, but are able to climb trees effortlessly with their considerable size. Unless cornered, the Gorillas are gentle creatures and don’t pose a threat to humans.



This water beast has a formidable jaw. The bite force of the female Hippo is in excess of 1820 psi. The male Hippos are too aggressive for safe bite force testing being fiercely territorial. Hippos have been known to attack human boats and crew for no reason. There exist footages that show Hippo impaling a crocodile with its sharp 15 inches canines using its immense jaw strength.



The Jaguar packs a bite force twice as strong as the Tiger and has the strongest bite force in the Cat family at 2000 psi. If this data remains unchallenged, Jaguar perhaps the strongest bite force of any living mammal on this planet. It is comparable to a small hydraulic press machine or a car lift. The large head and a robust built of a Jaguar ensures a bite so strong, that a Jaguar can kill tortoises and turtles by cracking their shells easily and eating the soft inners. The word Jaguar comes from the Amerindian word ‘Yaguar’ which means “he who kills with one leap”.

American Alligator


One of the only two species surviving today, the Chinese alligator and the American alligator have bite force of 2125 psi. They feed on turtles, tortoise, small mammals and fish. A bite force of an alligator is strong enough to crush largest Zebra and Giraffe bones with ease.

Saltwater Crocodile


Bite force 3700 psi plus. This is the point where the ‘don’t mess with the Croc’ saying comes true. If an unfortunate being finds its limbs inside a crocs mouth, one can be certain that the bone and flesh is not coming out in one piece. The bone crushing of a Saltwater crocodile is strong enough to crush largest Elephant bones. The bone strength of no living animal on the planet today is strong enough to withstand a Crocodile’s bite.

Nile Crocodile


The Nile Crocodile has been measured at a phenomenal 5000 psi. It’s like a large hydraulic press machine! The strongest biter alive on the planet. However certain saltwater crocodiles can measure upto the force of a Nile crocodile. Hence Nile Crocs and Saltwater Crocs can have interchangeable ranks. These giant reptiles can grow upto 16 feet in length and weigh upto 700 kilos. The Nile crocodile feasts on any animal, Zebra or an antelope, Wildebeest or a Gazzele, Lion or a Hippo, Elephant or a Giraffe or any animal dumb enough to cross its path.


Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi