ESCAPE - Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon

ESCAPE – Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon

ESCAPE: terrace. bar. kitchen.

R2, Level 2, Galleria Market, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon
(m) +91 8800399444

The Bar at Escape has a decent collection of Alcoholic beverages.

There is nothing better than sipping chilled beer in the middle of the afternoon with a bunch of friends, specially if it’s a ‘Sunday Escape’. Barely a year old, located in the popular Galleria Market, Escape is one of most sought after dining and partying locations in G-town. A chilled out cafe-cum-lunch by day and a happening party place with live bands and DJs rolling out music to cater to the kind of audience they invite.  Escape almost takes a cake walk in managing both roles – a restaurant and a club! A fleet of stairs takes you the second level and into Escape. With a very pretty terrace setup, the flooring is complete with white grain stones, ready cane furniture.

By day, nothing beats the charm of the comfortable winter sun shining with all its warmth with you sipping coffee or tea, or even beer and chilling.

The relaxing terrace setup.

By the evening, the terrace becomes dingy, yet ambient. The overall feel outside is relaxed as  compared to the bar inside with live bands crooning and the DJ’s churning and burning their discs. The setup of Escape inside is a cosy one, with large sofas and coffee tables elegantly placed to make it look like a very comfortable lounge. An aquarium bang in the center of the room grabs attention almost always. The bar is simple by day, but turns into the most active spot by night. Well lit, well spaced with a consortium of the finest alcoholic drinks, the Escape bar lives up to its beat. The DJ console sits right on top of the bar. While the DJs turn tables, the skillful bar tenders juggle bottles and serve. Party crowd begins to enter by 9, and by the 11:30 in the night, there is hardly anybody on their tables. They’re all on the floor, alcohol flowing, music blowing, and everybody in the house shake hips and suddenly ‘Escape’ and ‘Energy’ turn synonymous. Escape is here to offer sumptuous multi-cuisine food, and partying delight.

The interiors have a relaxed and sensational feel which give drinking sessions a new definition.

Wish to turn lazy Sunday into an exciting ‘Brunching’ session with friends and family? Meet at Escape!

For Rs 1,200, one can enjoy unlimited liquor and food on Sunday brunches and get a bud off on every Pizza you eat plus other offers with pints of beer add zing.  Thursdays are special at Escape. I am personally fond of live bands and Sufi music.  I had a chance to watch Nasha play live at Escape on one such Thursday.

Not just live bands, the B-town of Bombay also make their presence felt at Escape. With celebrities like Emraan Hashmi, Ghulam Ali and Irfan Khan spending quality time with their friends and colleagues, Escape gets a facelift.

A Kingfisher Premium costs Rs 175 at Escape

Overall, I’d strongly recommend Escape for a great weekend bash. I personally had a chat with Mr. Sameer who helped to make my Wive’s birthday an exhilarating experience. Great place, good management, great ambiance, awesome food, and a hell of a party place.

Ambiance: 8
Staff Service: 7
Food: 8
Restrooms: 8
Concept: 7
Percentage: 76%


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Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi