Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster

Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster

Yet another battle rages between Ford and Renault, both outsiders competing in the Indian automobile market. Two sects of people invest money in buying automobiles in India. One which likes big cars, SUVs, the other that wishes for cars and sedans. But there is an increasing number of people who are building the third sect – best of both worlds – small as cars, big as SUVs. The Renault Duster and Ford Eco Sport are strong competitors for such a section of Indian consumers.

1. What are we comparing?

Ford Eco Sport 1.5 TDCi versus Renault Duster RxE Diesel.

2. How heavy on pockets?

The Ford EcoSport is cheaper at 7.35 lacs as compared to the Duster at 8.73 lacs. Dealers offer financing that range from 15-25% initial down payments followed by EMI payable to the concerned banks at an interest rate up to 16%. Prices are higher by about Rs. 35,000 in Mumbai, while Delhi has the lowest show-room prices out of the four metros in India.

Neat and snug, looks futuristic.

EcoSport dashboard – Neat and snug, looks futuristic.

3. Power, Engine volume, torque and transmission?

The Duster belts out 85 bhp at 3,750 rpm, which is 4 less than the EcoSport which is rated at 89 bhp at 3,750 rpm. Both vehicles have more or less the same engine displacement. 1498 cc for Ford, and 1461 for the Duster. The torque figures are competent at 204 for EcoSport and 200 for Duster. However, the maximum torque is produced at a 100 revs higher in the Eco sport than the Duster measuring 2000 and 1900 rpm respectively. This puts the EcoSport in the ‘stronger’ category among the two. Absence of AT in both the vehicles is displeasing. Both vehicles are equipped with 5 speed manual transmission.

Renault Duster85 bhp @ 3,750 rpm, 200 Nm @ 1900 rpm, 1461 cc.

Ford EcoSport 89 bhp @ 3,750 rpm, 204 Nm @ 2000 rpm, 1498 cc.

More conventional dashboard than the EcoSport. Many people choose this one over the futuristic design of the Ecosport.

More conventional dashboard than the Duster. Many people choose this one over the futuristic design of the former.

Size comparison. Healthy!

4. Economy – Fuel consumption city and highway

Both vehicles run on Diesel. The EcoSport is known to have a consistent mileage in city as well as on highways, while the Duster shows lower figures in city. The Ecosport computed up to 22.7 kms/l on the highway and 18 in the city. The Duster presented similar figure on the highway at 21.7 kms/l but fairly low in the city of about 13.9 kms/l.  Ford Ecosport takes on the Duster in the gas-gulper category as well.

5. Interiors 

At the price the models have been launched, we can’t complain about the plastic interiors that  come with them. The cabin quality of the EcoSport is pretty disappointing. The dashboard of the EcoSport is deeper than that of the Duster, and there maybe an occasional blind-spot that could need a slight uncomfortable tilt to be viewed. The rear windows seem smaller than that in the Duster, which definitely block out a lot of light, and the narrow cabin makes seating difficult for three. However, the rear space problem is more profound in the Duster. It’s hard to seat the third person behind in both the vehicles with Duster being the tougher of the two. Let’s say both the cars are designed for city ride.

Duster – The interiors appear more plastic and conventional.

The Interiors of both the models in one frame.

The Interiors of both the models in one frame. Ecosport (below) sports a spaceship design while the Duster (above) sports the conventional design.

 6. Features and Facilities

All the standard fixtures on both the vehicles have been provided by default. This includes power steering, power windows, tachometer, odometer etc.

Air conditioner – both the models lack the Climate control system. A simple fan speed regulator type air-con unit has been installed in both.

Central and remote locking is a common feature to both the vehicles.

Cup holders, remote boot release and remote fuel lid release are available in both the vehicles.

Music system – What the Duster lacks in the central console are the USB and AUX supports on the music system. Ford EcoSport however sports both these super handy features that often is an important factor for passenger experience.

Rear folding seats – Yes. This can increase boot space by almost 200% at the expense of a 2-seater config.

Trip computer [MFD] – No. Both the models have a limited dashboard. We wont complain the lack of these for the price they are available in the market. However the other models in the market have a central panel, tucked neatly in the EcoSport as shown below.

Interiors of the EcoSport seem more appealing to the eye than the Duster.

Interiors of the EcoSport seem more appealing to the eye than the Duster.

Wheels – One disappointing thing about both the models is the lack of alloy wheels. The EcoSport uses tube-less 195/65 R15 and the Duster uses larger 215/65 R16 tyres.

Fuel capacity – The Ford EcoSport has a tank of 52 liters while the Duster holds 50 tops. Considering the lower than average fuel consumption of the EcoSport, the range of the same can be anywhere between 900 to 1100 kms on full tanks on highways. A full tank can cost up to Rs 2,700 on both vehicles, but the Ford seems to have a higher endurance than the Duster. The same comparison can be deadly in city for the Duster where its drive is fairly compromised.

The EcoSport from the back.

7. Looks and aesthetics

Out of the two, the EcoSport seems to look like an Alien vehicle. At certain angles from the front it has an unconventional, ‘teethy’ look. The Duster is pretty to look at from all round. So we’d give this one to the Duster hands down.

8. Verdict

Ford EcoSport – Value for Money car. Although the Renault Duster takes a performance beating, but the figures match up fairly close. If the ride is taken into consideration, aesthetics and ergonomics, the Ford EcoSport can win simply owing to its price. The ride quality of both the vehicles seemed average, however the EcoSport has a far refined driving experience. The fuel efficiency and the design of the EcoSport easily makes it a winner. The absence of rear grab rails is a down point in the EcoSport, coupled with an average rear seating space and comfort. The Duster is known for its awful ‘5th’ person comfort. All in all, the Ford EcoSport takes this sweep by a small margin.

Duster from the back.

Duster from the back.


Winner – Ford EcoSport!

9. Ratings

Ford EcoSport – 7.5/10
Renault Duster – 7/10


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First of all a great comparison review between two able vehicles in India by the author Aru Raghuvanshi. I would totally agree with the ratings in the end as I too feel both the vehicles go neck to neck in the competition. The Ecosport perhaps rates 0.5 higher than the Duster due to a few cardinal reasons well mentioned by the author along with the engine specfications.
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Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi