10 Social habits that ruin your personality

10 Social habits that ruin your personality

These are some of the most common social habits that ruin our personalities and do unimaginable damage. If you find yourself having any of those, it’s time to make a change in yourself. Honestly, if you are able to control these habits, you will be able to change how people have perceived you for this long.

1. Classic leg shaking


Constantly shaking one legs is one of the most common habits in people. The person doing it, often doesn’t even realise that by doing so, he is projecting himself as a nervous person. This habit totally kills your overall persona.


2. Itching the scalp


Some people have a habit of itching their scalp every 15 seconds. Well, either keep your hair clean or get rid of this habit. It’s not just annoying to watch someone do that but a tad bit unhygienic too.


3. Nail biting


While this is one of the most common habits in people, it is quite icky to look at. This habit can make the best looking person look like a total turn off. Other than being that, nail biting can cause health issues too, given that our hands reach out to all the places in the world. In fact it has been scientifically proven that nail biting can cause long term IQ damage due to slow lead poisoning.


4. Burping and Belching


Both of these are involuntary yet controllable reactions. Nevertheless they can be a huge social killer. Some people take the two to a totally different level – burps get loud and elongated and the belches grow trebles, while yawns seem to suck all the air around. Next time you want to burp or belch, be a little cautious with the volume levels and try to use your hand to cover your mouth.


5. Spitting while talking


Some people just can’t talk without spitting out. It becomes absolutely intolerable if you are sitting with the person face to face, up close. It could totally ruin your first impression, so beware.


6. Interrupting others in conversation


Stop cutting people out when they are talking. Wait for them to finish. By interrupting again and again you might look like an attention seeker and may end up getting neglected in due course of time.


7. Non-stop staring


While some people are amazing to look at, but some people just overdo it with all their staring. Staring at someone often makes you get negative attention, in turn. It may even make you look like a sociopath. You will most definitely end up annoying people you don’t even know.


8. Scratching


You may get itchy sometimes in various parts of your body, but looking at someone scratch continuously, is never a pretty sight. Some people cross all limits by using objects around them to help them in this job, objects such as pen, comb, etc; its plain annoying. Use the washroom for heaven’s sake. It may put off people around you.


9. Dragging feet


One of the most annoying things to hear is a pair of dragging feet. It not just irritates people you are walking with, but is also a personality killer. It makes you look lethargic, nervous and hopeless.


10. ‘Phonoholic’


Easily the most irritating! If you are sitting among people then the worst thing to do would be to constantly keep checking your phone. You maybe habitual to doing so but it is a total conversation killer. It distracts others you are with and makes you look like a totally un-involved person.


Written by Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary