Top 10 Hottest Cities in India

Top 10 Hottest Cities in India

A list of top 10 hottest cities in India this year as of 27th May 2015 reveals its not just Delhi and Amritsar that get hot and make the basis of slogans like ‘dilli waali garmi’ but its the infernal land-locked baked and roasted central India.

10. Jhansi, 45.4 degrees Celsius.


View from the Jhansi Fort.


The top 10 starts with the lowest temperature crossing over 45 degrees. Jhansi is a city famous as the birth place of Rani Laxmi Bai in the state of Uttar Pradesh also known as the ‘gateway to Bundelkhand’. Jhansi is located roughly 220 kms north of the Tropic of Cancer which is the solstice line of the sun’s northernmost movement over one revolution of earth around it.

9. Delhi, 45.5 degrees Celsius.


The real Delhi.


The country’s capital recorded the maximum of 45.5 degrees this year. It’s far less from the highest recorded temperature of 49.1 degrees in the 50’s however if the national capital region is taken into account, the highest ever was recorded at 49.9 degrees with Alwar in Rajasthan setting the national record of the highest temperature ever recorded in India at 50.6 degrees on 10th May 1956.

8. Bilaspur
, 45.8 degrees Celsius


Bilaspur is a city in the state of Chhatisgarh which is the second most populous city in the state after Raipur. It’s located 220 kms below the tropic of cancer and therefore receives 10% of more solar radiation  that cities higher or lower in latitudes owing to the amount of time spent by the sun in crossing over Bilaspur to the solstice line and then receding towards the south. Bilaspur recorded a high of 45.8 degrees this year and is ranked at no. 8.

7. Vijaywada
, 46.0 degrees Celsius.


Scenic, beneath a hill.


Vijaywada is in the state of Andhra Pradesh on the banks of the river Krishna and is the second largest city in the state after Vishakapatnam. Vijaywada is notorious for its humidity and high temperatures and the locals often call it ‘blazewada’. Owing to its proxmity to the Bay of Bengal, the average humidity over the year hovers around 78% while the temperatures in the summer often reach 46 degrees and seldom dip below 15 in the winters. Vijaywada is rain-lashed by both the South West monsoons and the retreating North East monsoons making it an uncomfortable air to live in due to high heat and humidity.

6. Agra
, 46.1 degrees Celsius.


Agra is hot but pretty.


The ‘Taj Mahal’ city scorched up to 46.1 degrees this year. Agra features a semi-arid climate with the highest temperature record of 48.5 degrees and a record low of -2.2 degrees. The average relative humidity hovers around 56% keeping it inside the uncomfortable zone considering the high temperatures.

5. Machilipatnam
, 46.4 degrees


Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh at an elevation of 45 ft along the Eastern coast of India, Machilipatnam remains very hot and extremely humid all year round. The average annual relative humidity of this town is 73.2% which means the city observes very less difference in climate between its summers and winters.

4. Sambalpur
, 46.4 degrees Celsius

sambalpur hirakud dam

Water being discharged from the Hirakud Dam in Sambalpur.


Sambalpur is located in the eastern state of Odisha and is the 4th largest city of the state. During the months of winter, the average temperature of Sambalpur hover around 30 degrees in the day time and 20 degrees over the night. However, summer months often cross 44 degrees. Low humidity in the summer months make living much more comfortable than certain other cities listed here.

3. Wardha
, 46.5 degrees Celsius.


Located 80 kms south-west of Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra, Wardha recorded the third highest temperature in the country this year.

2. Titlagarh
, 47.6 degrees


A street in Titlagarh


The second hottest temperature in the country this year was recorded in the city of Titlagarh in the state of Odisha. Leaving aside the Thar desert, Titlagarh was once considered the hottest place in India.

Nagpur, 48.0 degrees Celsius.


Birds eye view of Nagpur city.


Nagpur if seen on a map appears to be at the very center of the country. It is perhaps the most landlocked area of the country and has a very high thermal quotient as a result of the highly heated land mass. As a result, it is the hottest city of the country today. Nagpur is located in Vidarbha, eastern region of the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the hottest cities in India. The temperatures in Nagpur frequently cross over 44 degrees and remain there for more than 2 weeks at a stretch. Nagpur is so hot and dry that evaporation coolers and desert coolers were officially given the name ‘Nagpur Coolers’. The highest recorded temperature in the city was 48 °C on May 19, 2015, while the lowest was 3.9 °C.


Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi