7 Tricks for Space Management at Home

7 Tricks for Space Management at Home

Following are 7 effective tricks for Space Management at home.

1. Declutter.

First step towards space management is making more space, if possible. Sort things out according to your actual need. Get rid of everything you no longer require. It could be old clothes, furniture, electronics, books, CDs, etc. You could either sell them online on sites like OLX, Quickr and make some quick money or you could donate them on sites like: www.goonj.org, www.indiaorphanage.com


2. Replace shoe cabinet with shoe hanger.


Behind a door, or inside a cabinet. That ways shoes are out of view in the most commonest of spaces.


Storing shoes in cabinets take a huge amount of space and make for a huge piece of furniture. Use shoe hangers. Shoe hangers are available in various designs and sizes. They can easily be placed on some wall or inside your closet or anyplace where you could hang it. You could buy them online at Amazon, Indiashoppee or at homestop outlets at various malls.


3. Revolutionary vacuum bags.


Air takes volume. Sucking out air from storage bags ensures far lesser volume taken up by the bulkiest of blankets as they also have their volumes reduced significantly.


All that winter wear and the puffy blankets eat up space. Vacuum bags are a revolution for such items, clothes, linen, blankets, etc, can easily be kept in these bags and once the air is sucked out of these bags, you will be amazed at how these items will fit into the smallest of spaces. Another benefit of these bags is that they keep the items fresh and moth free as there is no air inside. Order them online from StarCJ and Snapdeal.


4. Compartmentalize the drawers.


Simplest of ideas increases organisation even if you feel too lazy to throw something in!


There are removable drawer compartments available in various shapes and sizes, according to your requirements in the market. This will not only reduce the clutter in your drawers but also make more space for different items. You could order it online at one of the above mentioned sites.


5. Buy furniture with storage.


Must do.


If you already do not have enough storage in your house, buy furniture that comes with storage. This will get you some extra space to keep things. There various articles in furniture that come with storage, such as beds, coffee tables, dining tables, sitting stools, etc. Another advice, you always have the option to get the furniture custom made as per your needs.


6. Use the “Russian Dolls” storage method.


Don’t be surprised! Even that small green suitcase can have a briefcase inside it!


All those suitcases and bags take up a lot of space for storage. Don’t keep them empty. Put one inside the other, this will clear out a lot of space. You could even use them to store the stuff that you don’t use on a daily basis.


7. Don’t leave the walls blank.


Walls can ‘hold stuff that can hold more stuff’.


Use your walls for storage too. Instead of that heavy dresser, get a mirror installed on the wall itself along with wall mounted cabinets to keep your daily essentials. Put wooden wall mount shelves to store books, CDs, etc. You could even get wall mount ironing table installed or a foldable dining table, if needed.


Try these out and feel the difference. Most of the times all we need is a better organization of things around us. With such variety in home furnishing and accessories out there, home space management has become much easier. Explore the new options available.

Written by Neha Chaudhary

Neha Chaudhary