What do your Fingers Say About Your Personality

What do your Fingers Say About Your Personality

What do your fingers say about your personality? The shape of your hands can tell a great deal about your personality according to some researchers. There are three categories possible with the shape of your hands as shown in the images below.

To find out your category, raise your left hand and observer the height difference between your Index and the Ring finger.

A – The Practical Person and a Natural Charmer.
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Ring finger longer than the Index finger.


This person can have an irresistible charm on the opposite sex and is a natural born attractor. Such people tend to have a technical bent of mind. They find satisfaction in fields of science, astronomy, engineering, construction, military, boxing and martial arts, orators, puzzle and riddle solving. They can have good debugging and troubleshooting skills and have a natural penchant to problem solving. They are often characterized by aggression, and possess leadership skills. They can be popular orators and possess excellent communication skills and are naturally street smart. This category of people tend to have equal number of friends and enemies, lovers and haters.

B – The Confident Person with a Result Oriented Attitude.
980x (3)

Ring finger shorter than Index finger.


The category of people with shorter ring fingers than their index fingers are self-confident people with a natural inclination to achieve results in tasks they undertake. Their desire to strive until finishing is very strong and hence such people can often be selfish and competitive. Most of them would prefer solitude and yet not show extensive signs of being introverts. The gist of such people is like that of a duck. They appear calm and confident on top yet work hard underneath. This category of people set aims and goals to achieve. They are kinds that make check lists for tasks big and small alike and are the more streamlined and organised people of the lot. They make great Ministers, politicians, CEOs, Head of departments, managers, researchers, doctors, airplane pilots and sportsmen.

C – The Balanced Person, the Peace-seeker.
980x (4)

Ring finger and Index finger of equal size.

The most sought after people belong to this category. People with both fingers of equal length are known to be mentally stable and balanced people. They will naturally gravitate towards building situations that avoid conflict as long as possible and possess a constructive attitude. However, a lot of such people can also be introverts by nature. Patience is a virtue naturally possessed by such people. Yet on the downside, this category can comprise of the most fiery personalities. They can be aggressive and temperamental if cornered with no way out. They are also soft hearted people with abilities to maintain harmonious relations with other people and make good spouses, teachers, Professors, Discoverers, Travelers, stable long term employees, writers, authors, poets, film and cinema directors, yogis and spiritually ascended people and designers of various types of things like jewelry, shoes clothes, homes & interiors, Retail outlets, showrooms etc.

What category do you belong to?

Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi