The Pataudi Palace, Gurgaon - Weekend Getaways

The Pataudi Palace, Gurgaon – Weekend Getaways

Pataudi Palace by its poolside, waters are too cold for a swim, but spending time by the poolside has its own charm.

The Pataudi Palace – is the original home of the Nawabs of Pataudi. It is located about 40 kms to the South-west of the city of Gurgaon in Haryana, well connected by a national highway and a state highway.

I] How far? : Just a little over an hour’s drive from the Huda City Center Metro station in Gurgaon. It can be reached via the Pataudi road that runs directly into Pataudi from Gurgaon, or alternatively via NH-8 until Bilaspur 12 kms away  and then heading 8 kms northbound to Pataudi. The latter being the faster route owing to the high speed freeway.

Nawabi comfort in the Sher Mahal – Rs 8,500 with a double bed or option of two single beds.

II] Why Pataudi Palace?

1. The best reason for a quick winter weekend getaway to Pataudi lies in its solitude. Even during the weekends, there weren’t more than six families visiting. This means lesser load on the staff and hence quick service is available through out the day.

Iftikar Mahal is available for Rs 8,500 per night

2. “The heritage feel” of living in a Hotel which isn’t really a Hotel nor a Heritage resort. It’s about the feel of living in a Palace where at some point of time two generations of the real Nawabs of Pataudi lived. To discover a feeling of true royalty and the grandeur that has never been a part of the middle class lifestyle.

Rooms come with options of two double beds, or two single beds, combination of both.

It’s about the feel of living in a Palace where at some point of time two generations of the real Nawabs of Pataudi lived.

3. A day at the Pataudi palace is not for the people who wish to spend a day at a holiday resort. There is a reason why the palace still remains untouched by mobs. The experience of simply trying to comprehend how royalty lived in itself is exciting to think about.

The Palace as you enter the gates.

III] What else apart from being a decked up Palace?

A Classic game of Billiards for the evenings

A fully furnished Billiards room for the residents is a great unwinder. With glasses of wine by the side, the indulgence and the feel of royalty is a flush through the veins. There is no dress code to be a resident, however if you wish to feel the palace, dress up formally.

A large private garden pool and separate changing rooms for men and women with Peacocks treading across the hedges is the most popular spot for the visitors to rejuvenate, sip on their drinks or simply swim across during sunshine hours. During the winters however, the water is too cold for a jump. But we did get to see people with enough enthusiasm to beat the chilly waters.

A game of Table tennis overlooking a great Verandah adds to the entire feel of being a resident of the Pataudi palace.

Peacock at the Palace sit out

Two bicycles are available to ride around freely in the  sprawling estate.

An open air Badminton court with flood lights for late night bouts.

A large oval ground for Cricket. There is short weed over the ground and the pitch is now absent, perhaps because it’s not very popular among visiting families. The management provides the cricketing gear.

More or less, the Pataudi Palace is a great place to spend peaceful and quality time with friends and family with enough activities to do for indulgence.

Sit out in the balcony under the warm winter sun

IV] How heavy on pockets?

The tariffs differ from room to room. There are 15 different rooms available on a per day basis ranging from Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,500 excluding taxes. A section of 5 rooms named after the famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts are available that range from Rs 4,000 to Rs 6,000 per night excluding taxes. A luxury tax is levied on the rooms along with service tax, which increases the grand total to around Rs 11,000 to Rs 13,500 depending on the room opted.

Lunch buffet is served between 12pm to 2pm for Rs 600 per head and dinner is served between 8pm and 10pm for Rs 700 per head excluding taxes.

V] Conclusion – A recommended weekend getaway during the winters. It has found patronage among lots of people living in the National Capital Region and many cities from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. A hectic months mental carnage cannot have a better retreat than relaxing amidst royalty over a relaxing chilly weekend.

Ambiance – 9
Staff Service – 9
Food – 9
Rooms – 10
Concept – 10

Percentage – 94%

Aru Raghuvanshi

Written by Aru Raghuvanshi

Aru Raghuvanshi